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Gulf weather.. winds in Saudi Arabia, clear in the Emirates, and hot in Kuwait

The Gulf weather is witnessing a state of contrast. In Saudi Arabia, wind and dust are expected to continue, while in the Emirates, the weather is clear and dusty at times, and in Kuwait it is very hot.


The National Center of Meteorology in Saudi Arabia expected that the activity of surface winds that raises dust and dust will continue today, Sunday, and may lead to a near-absence of horizontal visibility, with a speed of 50 km/h over the eastern region, especially during the day. Dust and dust-inducing winds are also active in the regions of Riyadh, Qassim and parts of the regions of Hail, the northern borders, Medina and Makkah, as well as on the coastal parts of the Tabuk region. While the rainy thunder clouds continue to form on the highlands of Jizan. Extremely hot weather is also expected on the western and coastal parts of the regions of Tabuk and Madinah, as well as on the Makkah region, including the coasts.



The National Center of Meteorology in the Emirates expected that the weather today, Sunday, will be clear in general and dusty at times during the day and partly cloudy in the east, and humid at night and Monday morning in some northern areas, with the possibility of light fog forming.

The center - in its daily statement - stated that the wind movement is northwesterly / 15-25 up to 40 km / h.. The waves in the Arabian Gulf will be moderate, turbulent at times in the west, and the first tide will occur at 16:42 and the second tide will be at 02:09. The first tide is at 09:27 and the second tide is at 19:40.. In the Sea of ​​Oman, the waves will be light to medium, and the first tide will occur at 12:05, the second tide will occur at 22:58, and the first tide will be at 17:54. The second is at 05:48.


In Kuwait, the weather will be hot and dusty during the day, with active northwesterly winds to very strong, with speeds of 30-70 km/h.

In the evening, it will be hot to hot and dusty, with northwesterly moderate to brisk winds, with a speed of 25-60 km/h.