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How do blood thinners help increase survival rates for Corona patients?

Blood clotting problems as a complication of the Corona virus often appear on severely ill patients, who have been admitted to the hospital due to this condition, and blood thinners are considered medicines that are used to prevent the formation of excessive blood clots, according to the boldsky website.

Why does thrombosis occur in severe corona virus patients?

According to a study, more than 33% of critically ill coronavirus patients have been reported to have high levels of blood clotting. Some facts and data have shown that due to internal injury to the endothelial cells of blood vessels, thrombosis occurs.

Complications of thrombosis:

Excessive blood clotting can increase the risk of developing certain conditions in patients with the Coronavirus, these complications include: Stroke due to narrowing of the vessels caused by injury to the blood vessels.

Managing blood clots in hospitalized coronavirus patients with blood thinners

According to the results of clinical trials based on 1,000 patients with moderately ill coronavirus, blood thinners or anticoagulants such as heparin can help prevent blood clots in hospitalized patients and improve their conditions, anticoagulants help reduce the secretion of inflammatory cytokines that result from the immune response to the coronavirus. Thus preventing blood clots, blood thinners also help promote the growth of endothelial cells that have been damaged by proteins.

List of some natural blood thinners from herbs, fruits and vegetables


A compound called salicylate in ginger works by preventing blood clots and preventing blood from clotting. It also helps reduce inflammation and relaxes nerves.

Green tea:

This drink can help prevent platelet clotting and reduce the risk of stroke due to the presence of antioxidants. Avoid drinking green tea if you are taking blood-thinning medications.