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How do you deal with skin peeling and sunburn in 5 steps?

Exposure to the sun, especially in the summer with hot weather, may cause a feeling of heat and redness of the skin that results in itching and severe pain, and it may develop into peeling of the skin after a few days, so there are a set of warnings to avoid skin peeling, which may result in skin cancer in Later, according to Express.

Sunburns don't just happen outside. The sun is usually strong enough to cause deep skin burns, depending on how strong the rays are and how sensitive your skin is to the sun. If you get burned, your skin may start to peel, so there are a number of ways to avoid sunburn.

Cancer Research UK stresses the importance of spending more time in the shade, wearing loose-fitting clothes and UV-protective sunglasses, as well as using sunscreen, especially on areas of skin that are not covered by clothing.

 Of course, people with light skin are more prone to sunburn more easily than people with dark skin, and sometimes just sitting in the shade and applying sunscreen to the exposed areas of the skin is not enough to protect the skin from sunburn, especially if your skin is light or You have a lot of freckles or moles, a history of sunburn, or a family history of skin cancer.

Why does the skin peel off when burned?

Sunburns occur when your body's defenses react too much to UV light, which is a toxic reaction to the skin. First-degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin and heal within a few days, but second-degree burns are more serious.

Serious sunburn can cause swelling and blisters and is a sign of damage to a deeper layer of the skin and nerve endings and it will take longer to heal. No matter how serious the burn, peeling can happen because the body is trying to get rid of the damaged cells.

Methods of treating burns and peeling skin

1- To relieve the pain caused by sunburn, you can take a cool shower and take ibuprofen or aspirin.

2- Moisturize the affected areas with aloe vera or a soy-based product. Moisturizing helps soothe sunburned skin.

3- Avoid using oily creams, as they may trap heat and make sunburn worse.

4- Drink more water to prevent dehydration.

5- Avoid peeling the skin resulting from skin burns and leave it peeling on its own as the peeling stops when the burn has healed, just moisturize the affected areas, protect them and cover them to help them recover faster.