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Kazakhstan begins implementing the emergency call system for the police in public places

Kazakh Interior Minister Yerlan Turgumbayev announced that police emergency call systems are being installed in public places, schools and hospitals.

The minister added that the signal issued by these systems reaches the nearest police station immediately.

According to the minister's statements, which were quoted by a source at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Cairo, these projects are currently being implemented in the Karaganda and Turkestan regions, as well as in the cities of Almaty and Shymkent.

The minister also added that these systems will be installed on highways and service places on both sides of the road, as well as areas that do not have mobile network coverage, in order to ensure road safety.

On the other hand, the minister indicated that since last February, the (Police 102) application was launched, which allows citizens to send voice, video and text messages to the police via mobile phones, e-mail and other means of communication. The number of users of this application so far is more than 46 thousand users, and thanks to this application, more than 2000 violations of public order and traffic rules have been detected, as well as many family disputes.