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Minister of Industry: We seek to benefit from Egyptian scholars abroad to maximize funding sources

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, said that the activities of the fifth virtual dialogue symposium and the preparatory activities for the “Egypt Can Industry” conference, which is being held now, under the title “The Capital Market… The Most Important Industry Engine” is an important symposium within the framework of the “Egypt Can” conferences, which is the fifth symposium of The preparatory symposia for the sixth edition of the conferences, entitled "Egypt Can with Industry", expressed her happiness with the cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the presence of Dr. Nevin Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry, noting that this partnership is a very big boost for these sessions.


Ambassador Nabila Makram added that all these preparatory seminars come out with recommendations, and that the ministries concerned are informed, and reports are submitted to His Excellency the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic.


The Minister of Immigration stated: Today we will discuss the topic of “the capital market, the main driver of the industry,” and in this symposium it will have some ideas that will be discussed and we will receive them to achieve the greatest benefit from them, as the strength and success of the financial markets directly affects companies and manufacturers, so it is a source of sources financing.


For her part, Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Nevin Gamea said that this symposium targets one of the most important topics that need a broad and multi-visional discussion, especially as it relates to financing mechanisms and their relationship to industry. She continued: “This symposium makes us excited to hear the views and visions of our Egyptian experts abroad concerned in this aspect, We also seek to benefit from their deep experiences in maximizing sources of industrial financing and their direct impact on the industry.”


The Minister of Trade and Industry added that the current stage is witnessing the presence of a number of modern technological industries, which need to search for new financing methods that are on the same level as the spread of technological industries, stressing her keenness to come up with multiple recommendations that help push the wheel of the industry to complete the right track.


This symposium aims to present various financing alternatives that may contribute to manufacturers’ access to the financial resources required to expand and develop their activities through the many channels offered by local and international capital markets, which in turn may contribute to raising the competitiveness of the national industrial sector and the development of investment projects, and all this is reflected in achieving rates Desirable economic growth and employment creation at faster and more stable rates.


At a time when public and private companies in Egypt rely primarily on direct and indirect financing means provided by the local banking sector, which will continue to play its main role in this field, this symposium discusses some other financing channels that exist in both local and international markets and can To help provide additional options for manufacturers and investors in general.



This came during the activities of the fifth and preparatory virtual dialogue symposium for the “Egypt Can Through Industry” conference, under the title “The Capital Market.. The Most Important Industry Engine”, in the presence of Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, Dr. Nevin Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Dr. Mohamed Farid, Chairman of the Stock Exchange. Egyptian Representative, Moataz Mahmoud, Head of the Industry Committee in the House of Representatives, Representative Hanan Abu Al-Azm, Head of the Industry Committee in the Senate, and Abdullah Al-Abyari, Head of the Investment Sector at the Sovereign Fund of Egypt, and the media symposium is moderated by Osama Kamal.


 A number of Egyptian experts and specialists in the United States of America will also participate in the United States of America through the “Zoom” application, and they are: Dr. Hani Damian, the economist and former Egyptian Minister of Finance, and “Mahmoud Salem,” an expert on mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and public offerings, and managing director of the issuance services sector in Bank of New York Mellon, “Sherif Wahba” an international banking expert specializing in managing external investor relations, “Laura Othman” an expert in investment and fund strategies management, and “Ashraf Raphael” an expert in software and artificial intelligence techniques.