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Misr Clearing: Basem Morsi may return to Zamalek in exchange for Marwan Hamdi

Major General Bakri Selim, Executive Director of the Misr Clearing Club, confirmed that there are verbal negotiations between the Fayoumi team and Zamalek officials regarding the return of Bassem Morsi to the ranks of the White Castle in exchange for the return of Marwan Hamdy to the clearing.

Selim said, in televised statements: “The contract file is left to Essam Sarraj, who is responsible for these matters. For clearing, he will not stand in the player’s way if he wants to return to Zamalek.”

Bassem Morsi participated in the league this season and the Egypt Cup in 23 matches, including 22 in the league and one in the Egypt Cup, during which he scored 8 goals in the league and made 3, while he scored a goal in the Egypt Cup.

Since Bassem Morsi moved to the clearing ranks of Egypt last January, he participated with the team in 15 matches, scoring 7 goals and making another goal.

The marketing value of Bassem Morsi, the 29-year-old, is 400,000 euros, which is equivalent to 8 million Egyptian pounds.