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On the International Day of Yoga, how does it help you lose weight and overcome obesity?

The world celebrates on June 21 of each year the International Day of Yoga, and it is one of the important sports that help in losing weight as well as in feeling relaxed and getting rid of anxiety and tension, and yoga has tremendous benefits in losing weight, and getting rid of excess kilograms, in this report we learn about the benefits of yoga weight loss, according to popsugar.

Benefits of yoga for weight loss


The benefits of yoga for weight loss are numerous. It's a form of movement that helps you burn calories, which is a key part of losing weight (although the exact amount you burn depends on your height, weight, and gender).

Actively practicing yoga also enhances the mind-body connection that makes you more aware in every aspect of your life.

Lara Hyman, Physiotherapist and American Yoga Instructor, said: “Yoga puts you in a heightened state of awareness. Moving from different poses increases awareness of your body, and this can translate into other effective weight loss habits, such as healthy eating, which is fundamental to weight loss regardless of age. No matter what exercise you do.

"Yoga reduces stress hormones and fatigue, and lowers stress hormones such as cortisol, which can help anyone lead a healthier lifestyle," she explained.

She said cortisol is an appetite stimulant, which is why we tend to overeat (and overeat) when we're tired and crave unhealthy foods in particular, so practicing yoga can help you manage and even avoid stress in a healthy way, and avoid the associated weight gain. Completely."

How often should I do yoga to lose weight?


For best weight loss results, experts recommend doing yoga three times a week. Continue to stay active and raise your heart rate for the other three to four days as well, whether through cardio exercises such as: running, cycling, swimming, weightlifting or high intensity exercises For 45 minutes to an hour.

Experts emphasized that exercising alone without dieting makes losing weight difficult, as weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume.