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Palestinian diplomat: Israel is the reason why the Middle East is free of nuclear weapons

The alternate ambassador to the Palestinian delegate to the League of Arab States, Muhannad Al-Aklouk, said that the talk about evacuating the Middle East region from nuclear weapons goes back nearly 50 years since the Egyptian initiative in 1974, but the Israeli intransigence in dealing with this issue is the main reason behind Achieving this goal over the years.


He added on the sidelines of his participation in the Conference on Disarmament and Arms Control of the League of Arab States, that the Israeli occupation, which finds protection from the United States, is hindering the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.


He explained that there is a "veto" given to Israel to block the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East, explaining that there are arguments and pretexts promoted by international powers such as the demand for confidence-building measures or talk about the completion of the peace process first before freeing the region of nuclear weapons.


He added that the clear truth is that the Israeli occupation remains the common element, whether in disrupting the peace process, or with regard to freeing the Middle East from nuclear weapons.


The Palestinian diplomat called for more international pressure on the Israeli side during the meeting to be held in New York, if there is a real desire to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons, stressing that Arab efforts are continuing to pressure Israel to achieve this goal, explaining that Arab statements are clear. And influential about the necessity of evacuating the region from nuclear weapons.