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"Protection of Competition" holds a workshop to train culture officials on combating "contractual collusion"

Contracting the Competition Protection Authority and Preventing Monopolistic Practices; A workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, during which employees of the contracting departments, legal and engineering departments in the ministry and all its affiliated entities and sectors were trained on how to confront collusion operations that may take place between competing persons and companies during the presentation of contractual operations in their various forms, such as tenders, auctions, practices, and others.


This came within the framework of the campaign launched by the agency under the title "No Collusion in Government Contracts", which aims to confront practices harmful to competition and violating the law, which would restrict competition between advanced companies to administrative authorities, especially in light of the effects and economic repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis, This is to preserve public money, ensure fairness between competitors and enhance investor confidence in government agencies.


The employees of the contracting departments and the legal and engineering departments in the ministry and its affiliated sectors were trained, most notably; The Supreme Council of Culture, the Egyptian General Book Organization, the House of Books and Documents, the Plastic Arts Sector, the National Organization for Urban Coordination, the Academy of Arts, the Egyptian Opera House, the Public Library of Egypt, and the Cultural Development Fund.


Mahmoud Mumtaz, head of the Competition Protection and Anti-Monopolistic Practices Agency, said that the authority attaches great importance to combating collusion in government tenders and auctions that may take place between individuals and companies. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, on combating collusion in state public procurement.


He pointed out that the Competition Protection Agency is continuing its campaign aimed at combating monopolistic practices, by training all employees in the contracting departments, legal and engineering departments in various ministries, government agencies and all governorates of the Republic, stressing that the agency's door is open to receive any complaints in this regard, while ensuring confidentiality. data and information.