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Putin: I don't think the world was on the verge of a third world war because of the Crimea incident

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he did not think the world was on the verge of a third world war because of the Crimean incident with the British destroyer, adding, "Those who do these things know very well that they will not emerge victorious from this situation."

He described what the British destroyer had done as a provocative act, saying, "This provocative act was carried out not only by the British, but also by the Americans."

He pointed out that the British destroyer "Defender" entered Russia's territorial waters at noon and an American strategic reconnaissance plane flew before it from one of NATO's airports in Greece in Russian airspace, explaining that it was clear that the British destroyer was pursuing a military target and was trying with the help of a detection reconnaissance plane. about the actions of our armed forces.

"For what are these provocations in Crimea after a Genie meeting, to prove that they do not respect the opinion and decision of the Crimean residents?" asked the Russian president.

In another context, Putin denied the existence of international conspiracies related to the (Covid-19) epidemic, describing what was reported about this matter as pure nonsense.

And the Russian President said - during the "Direct Line" with Russian citizens, today - "When you say that the "Covid-19" virus is spreading throughout the world, they say that world leaders have conspired to spread it," wondering if they gathered and conspired to spread it?

Putin described this talk as "pure nonsense," stressing that people should only stay away from rumor mongers and trust only those with experience, calling on everyone to follow the advice of doctors and specialists and not pay attention and be drawn into rumours.

Earlier today, press spokesman for the Russian presidency (Kremlin) Dmitry Peskov said that more than 700,000 questions were answered on the direct line between President Putin and Russian citizens.

Peskov explained that the questions raised by Russian citizens, a large part of which revolve around the Corona epidemic crisis, and what is related to this epidemic such as vaccines, and when this crisis will end.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin is conducting a direct dialogue with Russian citizens, in which he is expected to answer hundreds of questions that concern them, as this dialogue takes place - every year - on the air, lasting hours, to interact with citizens and answer hundreds of questions they ask. They address various social, economic and political issues.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his hope that Russian-American relations would return to normal.

“A lot in this matter depends on the President of the United States, they have their political system and they have some checks,” Putin said, during the “Direct Line” with Russian citizens, about whether Russia after the summit with the US president was again threatened with sanctions.

"I hope the United States will realize that the world is changing, and in this changing world, priorities and special interests will be reconsidered," Putin added, expressing his hope that this would lead to a more rational character of the world order and the intervention of Russian-American relations in the normal framework.