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The benefits of honey for healthy hair .. Prevents hair loss and dandruff

Honey has many health benefits known to most of us, especially for enhancing the body’s immunity, and besides that, honey has many benefits for hair health, as we can use it as a treatment for hair damage and get beautiful shiny hair, as the hair is exposed to many factors of damage, stress and pollution as a result of exposure to the environment. Surrounding, honey has many health benefits for hair, according to "Healthline".


The following are the health benefits of using honey in hair care:


1- Moisture of the scalp


Honey is good for the scalp, it maintains its moisture and can reduce the possibility of dandruff, which gives the scalp health, just apply honey to your scalp after washing your hair with shampoo and then rinse it well with cold water, as this helps remove dead skin from the scalp And cleaned.


2- Helps prevent hair loss


You can use cinnamon with honey and apply it to your hair and scalp little by little, and leave it for 15 minutes until the scalp absorbs cinnamon and honey, taking into account washing it well to make sure that nothing is left on the scalp that could cause itching.


3- It gives you shiny hair


Honey can make our hair shiny and glowing, just add a teaspoon of natural honey with conditioner and mix them together in a bowl and apply it to your hair after using shampoo for 5 minutes before washing it off thoroughly.


4- Honey can strengthen your hair follicles


Honey has nourishing properties that can strengthen our hair follicles as well, the benefits of honey for skin and hair are so impressive, many people around the world are already using it as their own beautifying agent.