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The Iraqi army announces the elimination of a terrorist who tried to blow up the energy towers in the east of the country

The government security media cell in Iraq announced that the security forces had killed a "terrorist" who was trying to blow up the energy towers in the east of the country.

The cell said in a statement, according to "Russia Today" that "after the successive defeats of ISIS terrorist gangs, these gangs are trying to damage the electric power towers, but the vigilance of the security forces, field efforts and intelligence work, enabled the security services to thwart a number of attempts to target electric power towers. ".

She added, "The security forces killed a terrorist after setting up a tight ambush on him while he was trying to plant explosive devices to detonate two electric power towers in Al-Kifah area, north of Al-Muqdadiya district in Diyala governorate."

And recently, the power lines in Iraq have been targeted for attacks that caused power outages in some areas, and ISIS is usually accused of these attacks.