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The Kremlin: Putin holds the summit with Biden positively

Russian Presidential Spokesman (Kremlin) Dmitry Peskov announced that President Vladimir Putin is assessing the Russian-American summit positively.

"Yesterday Wednesday was very stressful, especially for President Putin, as a lot of work had to be done, and this was preceded by a long preparation, and we know that it is not only from the Russian side, but also from the American side," Peskov told reporters today. "We warned from the beginning not to exaggerate expectations regarding this summit, but we can now say, based on President Putin's assessment, that the summit took place positively," he added.

Peskov announced yesterday that the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden at the Geneva summit went almost as expected from the Russian side, saying, "The talks went almost as expected, but they will depend more on continuity."