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The Lebanese presidency in response to Nabih Berry: His style of political discourse is unusual

The Presidency of the Lebanese Republic responded to a statement issued by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, saying that it will not stop at the "unfamiliar method of his country in political discourse in form and content."

According to the Russia Today website, the Media Office of the Presidency of the Republic considered, in the response statement, that “what is worth stopping at is surprising, that the statement issued yesterday by the Presidency of the Republic received an unexpected reaction from President Berri, especially with regard to the position of the President of the Republic in the national structure that has been devoted In the National Accord Document, what it symbolizes of the unity of the nation and its role in ensuring respect for the constitution.

He added, "It is really unfortunate that President Berri spoke about the President of the Republic's inability to obtain a single minister in the government, justifying this by not participating in the vote, as if the statement issued by Speaker Berri wanted to confirm what has become certain that the real goal of the campaigns against the President of the Republic is to disrupt His role in forming the executive authority and monitoring its work with the legislative authority, and excluding him from assuming the responsibilities that the constitution placed upon him.

He stressed that "the President of the Republic did not demand the nomination of two ministers in addition to the eight ministers, nor did he demand the guarantor third, despite the absence of what prevents that. Charter, fortify the partnership and secure the confidence of the House of Representatives.

He said, "The President of the Republic, who is experiencing the suffering of the people, is keen to establish a procedural authority through a rescue government capable of providing solutions to living and life crises that have become a threat to the lives and livelihoods of the Lebanese."