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The Minister of Industry is discussing with a number of Russian companies to enhance their investments in Egypt

Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Gamea concluded her visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, during which she chaired the meeting of the Egyptian-Russian Joint Committee for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, with the participation of representatives from all ministries and relevant authorities.

The visit received great attention from the Russian media, as the minister made a number of press and television statements, during which she confirmed the consensus of visions between officials of the two countries to make a qualitative leap in joint relations in various fields and at all levels.

On the sidelines of the visit’s activities, Jameh held intensive meetings with a number of Russian companies wishing to be present in the Egyptian market during the next stage, where she affirmed the Egyptian government’s keenness to provide a favorable investment climate to attract foreign investments to invest in the Egyptian market, noting that the establishment of the Russian industrial zone in the The Suez Canal represents a fulcrum for attracting many Russian companies to invest in Egypt.

Jameh explained that the ministry welcomes the strengthening of the presence of Russian investments in the local market and the overcoming of all obstacles, which will reflect positively on the increase in the rates of trade exchange and joint investments.

The minister’s meetings included a meeting with Alexander Vronkov, regional vice president of the Rosatom Group, where they discussed the possibility of manufacturing multi-use carbon fibers in Egypt, especially in the fields of construction, auto parts, machinery and natural gas tanks. It was agreed that company officials would visit Egypt early next July. To start talks with the parties related to Egypt.

Jameh also met with Sergey Abramenko, President of Helix Company, where the meeting discussed the possibility of benefiting from the company's great experience in the field of water treatment and waste recycling through mobile units, as well as the fields of air purification.