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The Ministry of Planning: We received 7,000 applications to join the Be an Ambassador initiative, and we chose 1,000

Amira Hossam, Assistant Minister of Planning and Economic Development, confirmed that the "Be an Ambassador" initiative aims to spread the sustainable development goals on the ground and their applications among young people, explaining that two weeks after the launch of the initiative, the ministry received 7,000 applications to join the initiative, and only 1,000 young people were selected 50% of the Men and 50% of women.

The Assistant Minister of Planning and Economic Development said, in statements to the Truth Program, broadcast on the Extra News channel, that the initiative spreads the culture of sustainable development among young people from 18 to 35 years old, especially since 60% of Egyptians are young, pointing out that many young people make the definition of Sustainable development and they expect that its goal is to preserve the environment only.

The Assistant Minister of Planning and Economic Development explained: We formed a working group to work on the initiative and launched it, and 50 people are graduated weekly out of 1,000 people whose application for joining the initiative has been accepted, to introduce them to sustainable development and ways to preserve it, noting that one of the conditions of the initiative is that young men or women have a good knowledge of the language Arabic, knowledgeable in English and have a background on sustainable development.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development - the training arm of the ministry - launched the professional level for the first group of the "Be an Ambassador" initiative for sustainable development, which is the level that deals with the provision of the "Train the Trainers" program; Training on the basics and method of teaching the scientific content of the sustainable development goals, which helps the trainees in spreading the culture of sustainability in their universities and communities.