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The Moroccan monarch orders the opening of closed mosques in the Kingdom

Moroccan Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Al-Tawfiq, announced that Morocco's King Mohammed VI has given his noble instructions to begin the gradual opening of mosques closed due to Corona.

According to Russia Today, Al-Tawfiq said in his answer to a question about "the continued closure of mosques," that "the process of opening closed mosques will take place according to the mechanisms agreed upon with the health and administrative authorities of the country."

The Moroccan Ministry of Endowments issued a statement regarding the operation, stressing that "it will be announced later on the scheduling of the opening operation."

The ministry explained in the statement, that it "affirms on this occasion that the performance of Friday prayers and Friday prayers in all mosques will remain in conformity with the necessary precautions to avoid infection with the pandemic, especially respect for spacing and wearing masks."

She added, "Worshipers and worshipers must come to mosques to perform ablution, because ablution houses will remain closed."