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The most important projects for the development of gas production fields discovered during 7 years.. Get to know them

Egypt’s production of natural gas has risen to unprecedented rates, as it rose to its highest levels as one of the fruits of the petroleum sector’s plans to accelerate the development of the discovered fields. During the past seven years, 29 projects have been implemented to develop gas fields. The most important of these projects are the following:

1- Zohr field development.

2- Nawras field development.

3- Development of the Atoll field in North Damietta.

4- Development of fields north of Alexandria and west of the Nile Delta.

5 The ninth stage - b in the western delta fields with deep waters.

6- Development of the Southwest Baltim region

7- Desouq field development phase (b)

8- The Nidoko-Gameel Pipeline.