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The Russian president invites NATO to consider his country's proposals to calm tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, Wednesday, that his country is concerned about the continued military build-up of NATO, "NATO" near its borders, saying that "Moscow hopes that the alliance will consider its initiatives to de-escalate tensions."

"Of course, we are concerned about the endless strengthening of NATO's military capabilities and infrastructure near the Russian borders, in addition to the alliance's refusal to consider constructively in our proposals to de-escalate tensions and reduce the risk of unpredictability."

"Moscow expects that common sense and a desire to develop constructive relations with us will eventually prevail," Putin stressed, referring to Russia's efforts towards reducing risks and resolving differences through dialogue, especially with regard to agreements, including arms control.

The Russian president stressed that the new "security equation" should take into account all the factors that affect strategic stability, saying: "Russia made earlier a proposal on the development of the new security equation, which should take into account all the factors affecting stability. strategic interrelationships.

He explained that "the political will and readiness for settlements can yield a positive result," noting that one of the clear examples of this is the extension of the New Russian-American START Treaty (the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Arms) until 2026.