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The Washington Post: Putin may ignore Biden's list of demands during their Wednesday meeting

The Washington Post reported that US President Joe Biden plans to pressure his Russian counterpart in their meeting scheduled for Wednesday to control ransomware attacks from Russian soil.

The newspaper added, that Biden is expected to demand that Russia withdraw from Ukraine, and will almost certainly tell Putin to stop interfering in the American elections, but these demands raise a question that baffles American policymakers and Washington’s European allies: “What would happen if Putin ignored the demands as He indicated he would?"

Michael McFaul, who was the US ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama, says there should be more to the confrontational meeting than a simple discussion, but Putin likely won't agree to back down from his activities, diplomats say. admit it happened.

It would be good to have a stable relationship, McFaul said, using the administration's favorite phrase, but that there should be a plan B in case that fails.

Biden has imposed sanctions on Russia over cyber attacks and election interference, and last week said he would take action when Russia conducts malicious activities, but he also acknowledged the limits of his ability.

Biden told reporters on Sunday that there is no guarantee that you can change a person's behavior or the behavior of his country. The Washington Post says it is difficult to overstate the risks Biden faces in his first personal meeting with a political opponent. Biden is also intent on demonstrating the United States' transition from Trump-era tolerance to authoritarianism, and this is a pivotal moment for these efforts, the newspaper said.