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US Secretary of State congratulates Brazil for joining the "Artemis" agreements to explore the moon

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken congratulated Brazil on joining the "Artemis" agreements led by NASA to explore the moon.

The US State Department said, in a statement published on its website today, Wednesday, that by signing the "Artemis" agreements, Brazil became the first country in South America to join the agreements launched in 2020.

The statement added that under the leadership of the US State Department and NASA, the "Artemis" agreements pave the way for peaceful and responsible space exploration outside Earth's orbit, which is the cornerstone of Washington's space diplomacy.

Blinken thanked Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Marcos Pontes, and everyone present in Brasilia, stressing that the United States looks forward to expanding cooperation in space with international and commercial partners.

He stated that NASA's "Artemis" program will allow the development of the technologies and expertise needed to carry out a historic human mission to Mars.