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Why do you feel sleepy and tired after eating?

Some suffer from feeling sleepy or tired immediately after eating, without specifying the reasons behind this feeling, which is a disturbing matter for many, because it will affect their efficiency to work throughout the day, which is related to several reasons, most notably the quality of the food we eat, which is an important factor in feeling sleepy and tired after eating. the food.

A report published on the Dr health benefits website revealed that feeling tired and tired after food is a form of your body’s reaction to the types of food you eat, but the crisis is exacerbated if you feel sleepy and have a strong desire to sleep, because it may be a sign of health problems.

There are several reasons for feeling tired and drowsy after eating, and they are as follows:


1. As a result of the body's reactions to the food you eat تتناول


Fatigue occurs because your body reacts to the food you have eaten, especially after sweet products that contain a large amount of sugar, and it also increases the secretion of the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for the feeling of sleep.

2. Eat baked goods


 Eating bakery products that contain flour will also cause your blood sugar to rise higher than normal, which will stimulate your pancreas to release large amounts of insulin, which will transport clumps of protein called tryptophan from your bloodstream to your brain, which turns into serotonin that makes you feel tired and sleepy. .

3.Deplete your body's energy when digesting


The digestive system takes over your body’s energy, due to the completion of the digestion process. Digestive organs such as the small intestine and large intestine require large amounts of energy to be able to function properly, especially after eating some meals, as your body needs to digest a lot of calories from your food, Thus, it drains your body's energy and makes you feel tired.

4. Eat a lot of spices


You may also feel tired after eating spicy foods, since your body needs to expend massive amounts of energy to digest spicy food, so you feel tired.

5. Eat large amounts of carbohydrates

You feel tired and sleepy as a result of eating food that contains a high amount of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes or bread. Consuming foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates releases large amounts of insulin, which helps store sugar, which will make you feel tired and sleepy.