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Will Al-Ahly negotiate with the players of Zamalek after the Amr Gamal incident?

Some claimed that there was an implicit agreement between Al-Ahly and Zamalek that neither party would enter into negotiations with the players of the other party, in order to preserve the good relations between the two clubs on the one hand, and for some stars not to wave the other pole’s negotiation paper to raise the renewal price or extend the contract, which did not happen. Indeed, since Al-Ahly joined Kahraba after his transfer to the Portuguese League, after the end of his contract with Zamalek.

The incident of Zamalek negotiating with Amr Gamal, who is not yet decided by Al-Ahly whether to return or not, came to raise an important question, is Al-Ahly heading to negotiate with the players of Zamalek, especially since there are a large number of Al-Abyad players whose contracts are about to expire?

Amr Gamal was not among the loaned Al-Ahly quinquennial, and therefore becomes a free player at the end of the season, according to the assurances of officials of the Football Association, and he has the right to sign for any club without referring to the Red Castle, and Al-Ahly officials confirmed that Amr Gamal is not among the loaned quinquennial from our ranks, and therefore we have no right In his recovery, but the player assured us that he gives Al-Ahly a priority in returning to his ranks, if there is a desire among his officials for his return, provided that the rest of the offers are discussed in the event that there is no desire within Al-Ahly to return.”

Al-Ahly administration postpones the file of contracts and the departed until after the Esperance match tomorrow, which comes in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, after the end of the first leg match with the victory of the red team with a clean goal, and Al-Ahly officials confirmed that there is no Zamalek player on Al-Ahly’s contract list at the time. The current period, but the coming period may witness a change in the red policy, especially if Zamalek enters negotiations with any Ahly player, whether Amr Gamal or other players.