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Woman causes the worst accident in the history of the Tour de France

A female cycling fan in France faces up to a year in prison after causing one of the worst accidents in Tour de France history and then escaping.

Prosecutors in France's Brittany on Sunday launched a criminal investigation after filming the suspect - who has not been identified and who escaped - causing chaos on Saturday, according to the British newspaper, "Daily Mail".

The woman was shown riding from Brest to Landino in the first stage of this year's world-famous race, and collided with one of the speeding riders Tony Martin.

Martin fell, causing the bikes to get tangled together, there were several serious injuries, including Joscha Sutterlin, another German rider who had to withdraw from the entire competition.

A spokesman for the gendarmerie Finistere: "The spectator who caused this incident left the scene before the arrival of the investigators." Everything is done to try to find it.

"She was wearing glasses, blue jeans, a red and white striped jacket and a yellow waxed jacket," he continued.

Meanwhile, prosecutors asserted that they had opened a criminal investigation for "intentionally violating safety regulations and causing injuries that could prevent a person from working for up to three months."

Pierre-Yves Thule, deputy race director for the Tour de France, said organizers had lodged a complaint against the woman, who could now face legal action.

"This is unacceptable behaviour, there are safety rules to follow, spectators do not cross the road, and do not take selfies," he said.