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“World Health”: The epidemiological situation of Corona in Iraq is still worrying

The World Health Organization confirmed that the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus in Iraq is still worrying, pointing out that it has not been proven that the mutated Indian strain has entered Iraq so far.

The representative of the World Health Organization in Iraq and head of its mission, Ahmed Zouiten, said in a statement to the Iraqi (Alsumaria News) channel, that "the epidemiological situation of Corona in Iraq has passed through many stages, as the pattern of increase that was recorded in injuries and deaths in the first week of February of this year was Alarming, after which record levels were recorded in the number of injuries during the months of last April and May, exceeding 8000 injuries per day, according to laboratory tests conducted by the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Zouiten added that the current epidemiological situation is improving and more stable than in the past weeks, after recording half of the rate of injuries that were recorded in mid-April and May, as the current rate of infections exceeded 4000 injuries per day, noting that "despite the decrease in injuries, we still see the impact of the emergence of virus variables, easing restrictive measures, and low demand for the vaccine.

He explained, "If there had been a commitment to preventive and precautionary measures, the epidemiological situation would have been much better than it is now, as we now see an increase in the movement of commercial markets and malls, not wearing masks, gatherings, and weak adherence to social distancing instructions."

The representative of the World Health Organization stated that it has not yet been proven that the mutated and alarming Indian strain has entered Iraq, but it is possible to enter any of the strains because it can be transmitted to any country, noting that the change that occurred in the epidemiological curve in Iraq during the current year was after Entering the mutated British dynasty that changed the setting of casualties.

He stressed that the organization and the Iraqi Ministry of Health are trying, through epidemiological monitoring, caution and vigilance, to control the epidemiological situation and deal with every emergency.