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A great success for the experience of reducing working days to four days in Iceland..Details

A group of researchers confirmed the success of the experiment to reduce the number of working days in Iceland to four days a week, noting that the experiment had achieved great success.

The researchers praised the success of this experiment and demanded that it be tested and applied in the United Kingdom, according to the Russian Sputnik agency.

More than 1% of the working population in Iceland took part in the test, and the number of working hours was reduced to 35-36 hours, without any wage cut.

The results of the research revealed that reducing the number of working days boosted productivity and well-being, and that the trade unions in Iceland began negotiating the actual reduction in working hours.

By analyzing the participants' data, the participants' well-being was significantly improved on more than one level, stress and fatigue decreased significantly with a balance between health and work life.

One of the results of this experiment is that productivity has improved in addition to the level of service in the majority of workplaces covered by the experiment.