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Ali Zain bid farewell to the management and fans of Sharjah: Thank you for helping me become a better handball player

Ali Zain, the Egyptian handball star who recently joined the ranks of the Barcelona club handball, bid farewell to the management and handball apparatus and the fans of the UAE club Sharjah during his time with the team, supporting him and helping him to become one of the best handball players.

Zain said, in a series of tweets via his Twitter account, "Today I say goodbye to a big club like Sharjah Club. I would like to thank the club, the technical staff and my teammates for helping me become a better handball player, and I also thank the esteemed board of directors for making me and my family feel at home." during my time here.

Zain added, “I can only say thank you to the club and its fans who have supported me since my first day here, and I wish success to all my teammates and the technical staff led by Captain Hani Al-Fakhrani, the hardworking and ambitious in what is to come, and I would also like to thank the medical staff at the highest level, and all thanks And appreciation to the club’s board member and head of collective games, Mohamed Obaid Al-Hussan, who was nothing but a friend and an older brother for everything he did with me and for everything he gave me during my stay in the club.”

Zain continued: "I also thank the club's chairman, Ali Salem Al Midfa, and his board of directors for everything they do for the success of the handball system within the Sharjah Club, and I also thank Captain Jassem, the dear brother, the always moving dynamo, Abu Shawq, the dear lover of the club, and I thank Captain Nagy, the esteemed and helpful captain, has always been a support, and finally I would like to wish Sharjah Club a lot of success in the future.. Thank you from all my heart.”

And the Spanish club Barcelona announced today, Saturday, the official signing of the Egyptian handball star Ali Zain, coming from Sharjah, for one season.