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Almond benefits for diabetics.. lowers blood glucose and raises good cholesterol

Making lifestyle changes as well as modifications to diet helps prevent chronic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes, as these healthy practices also help control blood sugar levels from rising, and there are certain types of foods that should be eaten on a regular basis to control Blood sugar levels, such as nuts and seeds, according to the Times of India.

While it is important to include some nuts and seeds (in moderate amounts) in your diet, recent studies have particularly demonstrated how almonds can be beneficial in reducing risk factors for diabetes among young adults.

What are the health benefits of eating almonds?

Almonds are one of the best nuts and have many benefits, as it has long been believed that regular snacking of almonds can also help improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and is beneficial for bone health and promote weight loss as well, as it is rich in nutrients such as fiber and protein. Carbohydrates, fats, vitamin E and magnesium.

According to a new study conducted in Mumbai, it was found that regular consumption of almonds improves glucose metabolism in adolescents suffering from diabetes.

The study of people aged 16 to 25 concluded that almond consumption was associated with lower blood glucose levels.

According to experts, almonds are mostly associated with lowering levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol in the body and raising levels of good cholesterol, which helps reduce inflammation and heart disease risk which are also additional risk factors for people with diabetes.

The high concentration of magnesium present in almonds helps prevent and manage type 2 diabetes in people with it. It may help regulate insulin secretion, reduce oxidative stress and is a major factor responsible for diabetes and heart disease. One serving of almonds can meet your requirements. daily intake of magnesium.

Eating almonds along with other beneficial dietary practices and physical activity can help make a big difference and manage your sugar levels in the long run.

And while almonds are a good source of snacks for diabetics, there are certain things to keep in mind when eating almonds:

It is preferable to eat raw, unsalted almonds.

Soaked almonds can also be eaten in the morning after soaking them in water at night.

Stick to the recommended daily requirement of almonds for better health.

Avoid eating almonds with added sugar or honey.

Aside from almonds, some other healthy nuts for diabetics include peanuts, pistachios and walnuts.