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CNN: Biden was unable to declare complete independence from Corona despite the appearances of the return of life

CNN commented on US President Joe Biden's speech on independence from Corona, and said that Biden conjured a vision of Americans returning together and restoring their freedoms from the worst devastation caused by the Corona epidemic, with the return of life to the country, which has long been silenced by Corona diseases and deaths, On the fourth of July.

 But the president has not been able to declare complete independence from the virus, as he had hoped, as the most contagious delta strain is spreading among Americans who remain skeptical about vaccines that promise a complete return to life.

As of July 4, 67.1% of adults had received a single dose of the Corna vaccine in the United States, which is less than the base goal announced by Biden at 70%, according to data events from the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

 And Biden had said in his speech in front of a crowded party without masks at the White House on Sunday evening that over the past year we have lived some of our darkest days, and now I truly believe, and I offer my word as Biden, that we are about to see our brighter future.

 Despite looming concerns about an increase in infections among unvaccinated Americans in the coming months, there is a sense of freedom across the United States, where they gathered to watch the huge annual fireworks displays and enthusiastic crowds that were unimaginable weeks ago. .


 CNN believes that Biden's speech was a patriotic talk and a cry to demand national unity on which he built his presidency, a moment to commemorate the 600,000 Americans who lost their lives due to Covid 19, and an announcement of the power of the vaccine. There was also a clear sense that President Biden was leaning on political capital after promising to bring the pandemic under control after neglect from former President Trump. Nearly four decades after President Ronald Reagan announced the moment of sunrise again in America, Biden did the same.