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For pregnant women..Important tips to get through your pregnancy safely

Pregnancy is the most anxious and tense period for women in order to avoid any health problems that the woman or her fetus may be exposed to, and here it is necessary to periodically follow up with the treating doctor and conduct tests constantly to check on the general condition of the mother and fetus, and according to the health website, there are some tips that must To be followed by women during pregnancy, which are:

1: After consulting the doctor, it is recommended to take the vitamins that he prescribes for you regularly in order to protect your child from congenital malformations and health problems.

2: Exercising regularly, but after consulting a doctor and according to your health condition.

3: Wear comfortable shoes so that you do not suffer from health problems and swelling of the feet.

4: Eat foods rich in folic acid, such as "lentils, asparagus, and oranges."

5: Eat calcium-rich foods such as "dairy, canned fish, and soybeans."

6: Eat more fish (except for those high in mercury).

7: Eat foods that contain fiber.

8: Eat five or six balanced meals every day.

9: Reduce your caffeine intake and replace it with natural juices and fruits.

10: It is recommended to drink a lot of water and natural fluids.

11: Get enough sleep.

12: Do not take over-the-counter medicines or herbal remedies without medical advice.

13: Practice relaxation techniques daily, including (yoga, stretching, deep breathing, massage).

14: Stretch before bed to avoid leg cramps.