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French Health Minister: Health care providers who refuse to be vaccinated will not receive their salaries

French Health Minister Olivier Veran has announced that health care providers who refuse to be vaccinated can no longer work and will no longer be paid.

"Health workers who have not been vaccinated by next September 15 will not be able to work and will not receive their salaries anymore," Veran said - in an exclusive interview with French news channel LCI today, Tuesday.

This came in response to a question about the penalties that will be imposed on health care providers who refuse vaccination, as the French minister outlined the strategy of the executive authority in this matter.

According to the channel, these statements come in the wake of French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of several new measures to stop the spread of the Corona virus, especially with the spread of the highly contagious Indian mutant “Delta”, including the mandatory vaccination for workers in health institutions and the imposition of a “health certificate” in restaurants, cafes and centers. Commercial and some transportation from next August.

It is scheduled that the draft law on compulsory vaccination of health workers and the extension of the health card will be presented today to the State Council and next week to the Council of Ministers.

Macron had said that "the health certificate will be applied in cafes, restaurants, malls, hospitals, nursing homes and social medical institutions, and in planes, trains and long-haul buses, here too, only those who received the vaccine or underwent a negative test result will be able to access these sites," noting that The health certificate will also be imposed after about ten days in recreational and cultural sites.

It is noteworthy that there are 9 million vaccine doses available in France, and 30 million vaccine doses will be provided by next September, with the establishment of 1,500 vaccine centers throughout France.