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Italian Labor Minister: There are still many obstacles to employment in Europe

Italian Minister of Labor and Social Policies Andrea Orlando stressed that there are many obstacles to employment in Europe in Europe, and obstacles to full integration into the labor market for many categories of citizens.

Speaking in Ljubljana, Minister Orlando said, during the first informal meeting of labor ministers under the Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union, that "to remove these obstacles, we consider it necessary, first and foremost, to enhance the skills of workers of all ages, backgrounds and genders, to promote a broad and balanced distribution." To work related to new technologies, through lifelong learning paths,” said the Italian agency “AKI”.

The Minister noted that "Italy has equipped itself with tools to support adults in building and adopting new pathways to improve and reshape skills, and a specific national strategic plan for skills of the adult population is being approved."

The Italian minister stated that “in order to increase the integration of women into the world of work, it is necessary to intervene to bring about a balance between work and private life, a more equitable distribution of unpaid care work, promotion of STEM studies that include science, technology, engineering and mathematics, tax incentives for employment and the presence of women on boards of directors.

“On all of these fronts, our country is already entering our country through ad hoc regulations and an up-to-date national strategy on gender equality, and I also recently decided that companies that will receive PNRR funds should make enough room for women and youth,” Orlando explained. Also," stressing that this is a "real condition."

The Minister, belonging to the Democratic Party, concluded by saying that “particular attention must also be paid to young workers and to those who are no longer young as well, as well as to all measures aimed at encouraging also from a tax point of view, the employment of people over 50 years.”