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Laporta: We have to respect the financial fair play law before renewing Messi

Argentine Barcelona player Lionel Messi has officially become a free player after the end of his contract with Barca at the end of June, but the Barcelona administration is racing against time to keep the team's first star and historical scorer.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta told Spanish radio station Onda Cero about the issue of the Argentine star's contract renewal: "We are going well and the merger must take place within the framework of the fair financial play law. We want him to stay with us, and he likes to stay. It will remain, but... we must look for solutions."

Laporta stressed that his return to the presidency of Barcelona at the current stage is difficult, and said, "Returning to the presidency is difficult, but I still have the courage."

He also talked about the European Super League, and the decision of the English clubs to withdraw from the project, and said: "Sooner or later the English clubs will regret the decision they took."

Barcelona suffers from a major financial crisis and a high percentage of its budget goes to salaries, and needs to reduce the size of salaries and get rid of several players to respect the laws of financial fair play.

In his last contract, the Argentine Lionel Messi receives a net tax salary of approximately 50 million euros, but it costs the Barcelona administration about 100 million euros in taxes, and the new administration hopes that the first star of the team will understand the economic crisis and renew his contract with a much lower salary.

Laporta is betting on his good relationship with Argentine star Lionel Messi, and the new contracts made by the administration, especially the contract with his friend, Argentine striker Sergio Aguero, to persuade him to stay and renew his contract for two seasons.

Messi wants an important sports project that will help him win major titles, especially the Champions League, to renew his contract, and media reports indicate that he has not finally decided his decision to stay or leave Barcelona in light of the interest of major clubs in his services.

Messi also wants to end his sports career in the United States of America, as the owners of the Inter Miami team, led by former English star David Beckham, previously confirmed their confidence in contracting him after two seasons.