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Military ceremony to bury the remains of an American fighter who lost his life in the Korean War

In the next few days, the United States will receive the remains of the 55th Korean-American war missing soldier, 70 years after his disappearance in the Korean War. He will be buried in a military ceremony in his modern home state of South Carolina.


The American Army Times, a journal specialized in the affairs of veterans, said that the remains of the deceased American soldier Louis Grossi at the age of 18 have been arranged for his recovery as soon as the DNA tests are completed on his remains, which are currently in a laboratory in South Korea, and he will be buried in a military ceremony in the state of South Carolina. His hometown was held in honor before the end of this month, in memory of the veterans.


It is noteworthy that the American soldier Louis Grossi had been registered in the US military records as missing on the first of December 1950 after he was attacked by a Korean armed force near the Chosin Reservoir area in North Korea, and then disappeared after that, as he was not included in the lists of American prisoners, and despite the lack of evidence on the His fate However, the United States did not abandon the issue of recovering Grossi's remains and other remains of dozens of missing American soldiers like him.


The magazine pointed out that on July 27, 2018, the issue of recovering the remains of Americans missing in the Korean War was on the table of the summit discussions that brought together for the first time the leaders of the United States and North Korea at the time, where it was agreed that Pyongyang would return the remains of American soldiers, which is What North Korea committed to former US President Donald Trump.


And during the period that followed the July 2018 summit between US President Trump and his South Korean counterpart, Washington received from Pyongyang 54 containers containing the remains of American soldiers transported by military transport planes belonging to South Korea due to the imposition of an air ban on the entry of North Korean planes into American soil, and thus the soldier will be American Louis Grossi is the 55th soldier whose remains will be held on American soil after a long absence.