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Somali army launches military operations to eliminate remnants of Al-Shabaab

The Minister of Information in the Somali state of Galmudug, Ahmed Sherry Flagley, said that the national army is conducting military operations to liquidate the remnants of Al-Shabaab militias linked to Al-Qaeda from the Mudug and Galgadud governorates.


Flagley said, according to the Somali News Agency, today, Thursday, that the military operations resulted in the arrest of members of the extremist Al-Shabab militia, who are currently being investigated, adding that the operations will be carried out continuously.


The Minister of Information of Galmudug denied the authenticity of the news that circulated recently about the control of the youth militia over the city of Baadwin, stressing that the national army and the Dervish forces of the state are in complete control of the city, which is witnessing a stable situation.


The implementation of the military operations comes at a time when the administration of Galmudug state is preparing to hold elections for the Senate and the People's Assembly for the Federal Parliament.