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Sporting and the Portuguese Interior Minister exchange accusations over the chaos of the league celebration

Sporting Lisbon attacked Portuguese Interior Minister Eduardo Cabreta, accusing him of "deep ignorance", after blaming the club for the chaos that occurred during the celebrations of the team's crowning of the first division champion last May.

The celebrations, which got out of control in the streets of Lisbon, caused the gathering of thousands of fans who did not maintain a safe distance and did not use masks and violated other rules that were in force at the time to confront the Corona virus, such as drinking alcoholic drinks in the streets.

These events sparked a lot of criticism, which led to the opening of an investigation, the results of which were presented yesterday, Friday, by the Minister, who accused Sporting of not cooperating with the authorities to explain, among other things, why the celebrations were not held inside the stadium.

In response to these accusations, the Portuguese league champion issued a statement saying, "The minister's deep ignorance about the events that occurred is unfortunate," stressing that what the official says "has nothing to do with reality."

The club indicated that “the plan that was implemented to celebrate the title was the result of a proposal that was discussed, accepted and planned among all parties,” noting in addition that there was a prior meeting held to discuss the method of celebration, with the participation of officials from the office of the Minister of Interior himself.

However, Sporting's position contradicts the position of the Ministry, which confirmed Friday that the method of celebration was agreed upon between the club and the Lisbon City Council, and that these two parties ignored the recommendations of the Public Security Police, which advised to celebrate the title inside the stadium.