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UEFA and CONMEBOL plan to face Italy and Argentina for the International Super Cup

The European Football Association "UEFA", with its South American counterpart "CONMEBOL", is considering holding a match for the "International Super Cup" title between the champions of the two continents, instead of the Confederations Cup for the canceled teams.

According to the Argentine newspaper, Diario Ole, “UEFA” and “CONMEBOL” are planning to hold a match between the Italian national team and its Argentine counterpart, during 2022.

The Argentine newspaper added that the official date for the match or even the stadium has not yet been determined, although the closest to it is in Europe, given the presence of most of the Argentine national team players in European leagues.

The newspaper stressed that things will also be difficult, in light of the crowded list of matches that may prevent the establishment of the confrontation.

The Italian national team won the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020", after its victory over England on penalties, while the Argentine dancers crowned the South American Nations Cup "Copa America 2021", after defeating the Brazil team with a goal without a response.

In March 2019, FIFA canceled the Confederations Cup for national teams, which was held a year before the World Cup was organized.

A press report also stated that the Italian national football team may face its Argentine rival, in a friendly match to be held within the International Super Cup.

Italy won the European Championship Euro 2020, while Argentina, together with Lionel Messi, won the Copa America 2021.

The Italian Football Network indicated that the European Football Association is looking into a proposal in the coming period with CONMEBOL to hold a friendly match between Italy and Argentina.

She stressed that the meeting only lacks an appropriate date, to be held at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, either in Buenos Aires, Argentina, or in the Italian city of Naples.

It is scheduled to start many international leagues in mid-August, most notably the English Premier League and the Spanish Premier League, and the teams are seeking to restore international players for the preparation camps for the leagues.