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Washington Post: Biden is in trouble over immigration in the absence of a clear strategy

The Washington Post said that the massive increase in illegal crossings on the southern border of the United States, which US President Joe Biden described as seasonal, continues to increase despite the summer heat, and Americans rate Biden's performance on the issue of immigration bad, according to opinion polls, and the president feels, himself worried that Republican attacks on the issue might resonate politically, according to people familiar with his thinking.

And the newspaper went on to say that former President Barack Obama, when faced with a similar situation, tightened law enforcement, arrested families and increased deportations, but under the Biden administration, such measures have become anathema to Democrats who feel that these measures were used very poorly by the president. Former Donald Trump.

That leaves Biden in a quandary, caught between the costly reality of the migrant influx at the border and his supporters, who are furious at the administration's hint of tighter controls.

It is much more difficult to use the same law enforcement tools because they were used for ugly purposes by the previous administration, says Cecilia Munoz, who served as an adviser to Obama on immigration, adding that the motives of the people using these tools really matter a lot.

And the Washington Post expected that immigration will flare up as a problem again in the coming weeks, noting that a federal judge on Friday halted the program to protect those brought as children to the United States, known as Dreamers, and the US administration faces mounting pressure to lift restrictions related to the Corona epidemic at the borders, and increases appear At the border there are new signs of momentum, with more than 6,000 people being arrested daily in recent weeks.