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What is the booster vaccine and its benefits to protect against novel coronavirus variants?

The world is continuing the largest vaccination campaign in history to confront the Corona virus epidemic, and there are vaccines provided in the form of two doses and a single one to confront the new strains and mutations of the Corona virus, and there are some opinions that have emerged about the need to obtain a booster or third dose of the Corona vaccine, which works to enhance the effectiveness.

According to a report by the Times of India, it has been clinically proven that some doses of the booster corona vaccines are effective and carry a higher immunity against the coronavirus.

What is the booster shot?

The booster dose of the corona vaccine acts as an additional dose that strengthens protection and provides more defensive properties for the immune system to prevent any attacks from pathogens.


How does the booster vaccine work?

Just like the vaccines that are used, the boosters train the immune system to resist the virus, and the boosters target many variables of concern.

The booster dose, once injected, stimulates cells that remember the infection and the specific mutations of concern, so the injection of vaccines can be particularly beneficial against both the original variant (the alpha variant of the coronavirus) and additional mutations such as Beta, Delta, Gamma or Delta Plus. Thus the additional dose can enhance the immune defense against the parent variant of interest, and stimulate more antibodies.