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Why yoga is good for your body and your psyche.. know the secret

"You want to reduce stress and your health will remain better, stay in yoga" .. advice we always hear from those around us, as yoga is considered one of the most important ways that help promote the body's psychological and physical health and physical fitness, as it reduces stress and constant anxiety, and according to what the artofliving website mentioned, we know On the benefits of yoga exercises.

Benefits of yoga exercises

1: The practice of yoga helps to strengthen the muscles of the body, lengthen the muscles, and strengthen the arms, legs and shoulders.

2: Yoga helps relieve body pain and muscle stiffness and helps with flexibility.

3:Improve physical fitness and help lose weight and reduce the accumulated fat in the body and flabbiness.

4: It provides the body with energy, vitality and activity, and reduces laziness and the inability to move.

5: Some studies have shown that practicing yoga daily reduces stress and constant anxiety.

6: It works to control heart rates and prevent strokes.

7: Yoga helps you breathe deeply and calmly from the stomach to the top of the lungs, and this method will make you feel comfortable and balanced.

8: Practicing yoga makes you feel happy, as some research has proven that it works to increase the happiness level in the body.

9: Regular yoga practice helps promote a healthy immune system and prevent disease.

10: Yoga can also help improve your relationship with your loved ones. Yoga and meditation help keep the mind happy and calm. Gradually, you will also notice an improvement in your relationships with those around you.

11: Yoga and meditation have the ability to improve your intuitive ability so that you automatically realize what to do, when and how, to achieve positive results. Since yoga is an ongoing process, it is recommended to keep practicing it. The deeper you practice yoga, the more benefits it will have for you.