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You don't just drink water.. 6 effective ways to stay hydrated during the summer

High temperatures in the summer cause many serious problems such as dehydration if this hot weather is not dealt with by keeping our bodies hydrated by drinking more water and fluids to avoid dehydration, sunburn, and others, according to the report published on the “Times of India” website. .

Drinking a lot of water is not enough to keep the body hydrated, but there are several things that must be followed to stay hydrated:

1- Eat foods that contain a lot of water

About 20% of our water consumption comes from foods rich in fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, radishes, tomatoes, watermelon, broccoli, strawberries, and grapefruit.

2- Not all drinks are good for you

It is a little known fact that some drinks dehydrate you, as it comes to mind that coffee and sugary sodas, but also lemonade, sweet tea, energy drinks, juices and flavored milk are all dehydrating because they contain a high percentage of sugar or salt and other substances that cause dehydration. Loss of body tissues to water.

3- Take a cold shower

Heat causes us to sweat a lot, thus losing more water. Although cold showers don't really hydrate our bodies, in this hot weather it actually cools us down and prevents us from sweating a lot and losing water, it also calms our muscles.

4- Try soaked water

Add a few easy additions to your water to make it more interesting without resorting to artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Lemons, oranges, berries, lemons, mint, cucumbers, and other fruits enhance the flavor of your water. This may also help you drink more water than usual.

5- Try coconut water

You should try drinking coconut water, as it is rich in minerals and contains a high percentage of magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, and quickly replaces the fluids lost by the body as a result of stress and hot weather, as it is preferable to drink coconut water over fruit juice that contains more calories and sugars than Coconut water.

6- Notice signs of dehydration

Do you have dry, irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin? These are symptoms of dehydration. Do you have a headache or feel dizzy or tired? These are also indicators of dehydration. The color of your urine is a good measure of how much water you need and can also be a symptom if you are dehydrated. Your urine should be clean and light yellow. You could be dehydrated if it is darker in color.

Certainly, the easiest way to keep your body hydrated is to drink plenty of water at regular intervals, especially in the summer.