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Bloomberg: AstraZeneca launches antibody treatment for coronavirus 77% effective

AstraZeneca said its cocktail of coronavirus antibodies was found to be 77% effective in preventing symptoms of corona in high-risk people in a major trial, and the United Kingdom has approved a competing drug as the first antibody treatment for the disease.

According to a report by the American “Bloomberg” agency, the company said in a statement that the results of the study on the drug did not find any person in the experiment who received the cocktail infected with severe Corona virus or died from the virus.

The 5,197-participant trial, which began in November, was looking at whether the drug could prevent infection in high-risk groups such as transplant patients and those undergoing chemotherapy.

On the other hand, the Japanese Ministry of Health is preparing to give special approval for a treatment for the Corona virus, which consists of a mixture of antibiotics.

The Japanese newspaper, Mainichi, reported that the Ministry of Health will review the drug during a session of a specialized subcommittee on July 19, and will grant permission to introduce the treatment as soon as the committee approves it.

The newspaper pointed out that if this treatment is approved for use, it will be the fourth treatment for the Corona virus allowed to be used in Japan after 3 other treatments, which are remdesivir, dexamethasone and baricitinib, all of which are intended to treat moderate to severe symptoms, and the new treatment will be the first drug approved to treat mild or moderate symptoms.

The newspaper pointed out that the American company “Regeneron” developed the new drug, and clinical trials proved that it is effective in reducing the risk of death or detention in hospitals due to infection with the virus by 70%.