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Collaboration between Vodafone and Microsoft to develop digital skills for young people through the “Begin” platform

Vodafone Egypt signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft, with the aim of cooperating in developing the digital skills of Egyptian youth through the “Begin” platform for self-employment developed by Vodafone, and within the framework of the “Develop and Change” initiative undertaken by Microsoft to support training of trainers.

The Begin platform aims to create opportunities for young people in the labor market, as the platform acts as a link between entrepreneurs in the Egyptian labor market and owners of small and medium businesses. The importance of launching the platform comes at this difficult time of the spread of the new Corona virus to create more job opportunities, as it is not possible in this period to find work easily, in addition to creating greater opportunities for joint cooperation between small, medium and micro enterprises and even home projects with entrepreneurs to do business. Free remotely in the various fields available on the platform. It is worth noting that the transactions on the Begin platform are carried out easily and in a secure manner to ensure the right of both parties and their satisfaction with the service.

The memorandum of understanding aims to establish cooperation between the two parties in order to support the youth category by providing new opportunities to acquire digital skills necessary to succeed in the most sought-after jobs in the world, in order to advance the digital economy and in a manner that supports building a digital society by providing training programs and an enabling environment necessary to rediscover their capabilities. and benefiting from it in the best way for the benefit of their society, in addition to providing self-employment opportunities for new young people (graduates, university students, the unemployed, women, people with disabilities).

Mirna Aref, General Manager, Microsoft Egypt, said, "Microsoft believes in the importance of building youth skills and enhancing their capabilities in the competitive labor market, as the digital transformation system will not be able to achieve a successful and integrated digital strategy without the presence of a base of young people and skilled employees who are able to employ technology as necessary, especially since technology Now it has become more prevalent in various sectors.”

Aref said, "Freelance work is very popular among young people to escape unemployment and obtain job opportunities with greater advantages, especially after the repercussions of the pandemic, and it has become an important and major role in promoting the country's economic development, and therefore Microsoft contributes significantly to achieving this through partnerships with government and private companies to inject young people into the competitive job market.”

Microsoft seeks, through the "Turn and Change Initiative", to build strategic partnerships in Egypt to empower young people with the future-ready skills necessary for the changing work environment, in an attempt to enhance their employability and enable them to innovate and create using technology. Microsoft launched the "Develop and Change" initiative in 2013 in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to provide an integrated system that combines training, qualification, capacity building and employment, in order to bridge the gap between the needs of the labor market and the capabilities of youth.

Mohamed Abdullah, CEO of Vodafone Egypt, said: “Vodafone Egypt is keen to provide job opportunities for young people and small and medium-sized companies, based on our belief that they are the mainstay for the growth of the economy in any country, and they are the basis for driving the digital transformation process in Egypt, so we launched the “Begin” platform with the aim of supporting Young cadres and the development of their digital skills, whose number currently on the platform is more than 3000 Freelancer, which in turn leads to providing them with unique job opportunities.

In support of young business owners, Vodafone, through the Begin platform, offers a 50% discount from the cost of the first project published on the platform.

Mohamed Abdullah added, "We are always working on concluding new partnerships and cooperation models with various institutions that will develop and support the digital transformation system in Egypt to achieve Egypt's digital strategy in accordance with Vision 2030. Microsoft will also promote the Begin platform among its graduates from teacher training courses so that they can benefit from it in opportunities Self-employment, and Microsoft defines Vodafone and Begin as one of the strategic partners in its online e-learning platform "Develop and Change", which aims to train young people in digital and self-employment skills.

Microsoft is collaborating with Vodafone to market the Begin platform as an essential component of the Microsoft Freelance initiative, as well as to collaborate in all marketing materials, media coverage and promotional activities, and to provide a Microsoft Community Certificate upon completion of a freelance contract with Vodafone regarding marketing and promotion for SMEs and start-ups from Microsoft partners. and partners of Vodafone Egypt, in addition to providing Vodafone with the necessary reports on the individuals who prepared the courses, the number of courses attended, and the number of graduates.