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Engineering Chamber: Inventory of fictitious maintenance centers to be submitted to the competent authorities

Mohamed Al-Mohandes, head of the Chamber of Engineering Industries, confirmed that home appliance factories are still trying to confront the problem of fake maintenance centers, and the crisis was recently discussed with the Consumer Protection Agency and the Industrial Control Authority to reach the best way to deal with the crisis, provided that an inventory of the fake centers is carried out and submitted to the competent authorities.

He indicated, in special statements, that direct and continuous channels of communication have been opened with industrial control and consumer protection to get rid of the fake centers crisis, provided that a complete file is submitted to the Minister of Industry and Trade with what has been reached.

The Industrial Control Authority, affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, addressed the Engineering Chamber, to provide the Authority with satellite channels that display fake maintenance centers advertisements for brands of household and electrical appliances.

Mohamed Al-Muhandis stressed that the home and electrical appliances industry suffers from a chronic problem that is summarized in the fact that unaccredited maintenance centers claim that they are affiliated with the original companies, and broadcast advertisements about them through some satellite channels. The truth is not at all.