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Eze Emeka is under investigation in Al-Masry after returning from Nigeria

The training of the first football team in the Egyptian club on Tuesday evening, at the sub-pitch of the Burj Al Arab Stadium, witnessed the participation of the Nigerian player Eze Emeka, who had returned to Egypt from Nigeria, a few days ago, after taking a vacation during the league’s suspension.

The contracting committee of the Egyptian club, represented by Mohamed El-Khouly, vice-president of the club, and engineer Adnan Halabiya and Ahmed El-Shamlah, members of the council, had held a meeting with the player that lasted until the early hours of yesterday morning, in order to identify the reasons for the player’s irregular training during the last period.

During the meeting, all the player’s financial problems with his former agent, which would have caused the player to be suspended from participating with the team, were resolved, while the player confirmed his full commitment to all decisions and procedures of the Egyptian club’s board of directors and his regularity in the team’s training as of today.

Emeka had stopped training Al-Masry, as did his colleague Saido Sanbouri, but the administration addressed his agent and convinced the player to return after receiving part of his dues, but he stuck to leaving at the end of the season.

Ezy Emeka is considered one of the influential players in Al-Masry in the maneuvers area, along with his colleague Farid Shawky, who relies on Maher, the technical director of the team, to build his plan.