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Gold prices today, Saturday 21-8-2021

We publish the latest update on gold prices in the Egyptian market today, Saturday, August 21, according to the latest number registered in the Egyptian market, as well as international stock exchanges, where prices are stable so far.

Gold prices today, Saturday, in Egypt, record 783 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the main carat in Egypt, and 18 karat price is 671 pounds per gram, and 24 karat gold reached 894 pounds per gram, and the gold pound today is 6246 pounds.

The price of gold in Egypt is linked to the movement of the precious metal in global stock exchanges, which makes the price constantly changing throughout the trading days of the week, with continued trading on gold in global stock exchanges, and with the stock exchanges closing late on Friday evening, the gold market situation remains stable until the resumption Gold trading opened again on Monday.

Trading on gold stops on international stock exchanges on Saturday and Sunday of every week, and the price of gold in Egypt remains stable according to Friday’s closing price, except for the effects of the Egyptian market by supply and demand factors, which rarely have an impact on the movement of gold in the market, except within the limits of one to two pounds upwards. or downhill.