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Learn about the effects of a harsh diet and rapid weight loss

Most of us want to lose weight as quickly as possible by trying different unusual diets and, in some cases, exercising excessively, but it is important to understand that losing weight is something that requires equal time and effort. Here are the scientifically proven answers to some weight loss questions. Which will allow you to correct your path and not make mistakes that cost you weight gain instead of losing it, according to a report by the Times of India.

What happens when you lose 10 kg in one go?

Some people may achieve by following some methods and ways to lose 10 kilograms at once, but this is unhealthy, weight loss should remain a simple and healthy process, and one should avoid vulgar diets that promise large amounts of weight loss, as they leave you in unhealthy habits Frequent weight gain when trying to lose weight. A good eating and exercise plan with the goal of becoming healthier is essential not only to losing weight but also to maintaining it. It is therefore recommended that you try strength training including lifting weights or doing body weight exercises, along with Combined with some high intensity interval training and a nutritious diet plan, it can give your metabolism the boost it needs to shed the extra pounds. Aerobic exercise in a steady state can also help burn calories.

The dangers of diet regimes that cause rapid weight loss

Vulgar diets that promise extreme weight loss in a short period of time cause a person to deprive themselves of food, which is not sustainable and will eventually lead to a return to familiar eating patterns.

When you lose weight quickly it can cause serious nutritional deficiencies in the body that can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the body or cells.

How do you choose an ideal diet?


You will need a healthy eating plan that you can stick to if you want to lose weight or manage it. Diets like this require quantity control and avoiding excess sugar, salt and saturated fats, all of which contribute to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, while also containing the core of all nutrients and proteins. And vitamins, fiber or minerals in the meal.

What is the ideal amount of exercise one should do to lose weight?

On most days, an hour of exercise is more than enough, strength training is preferred to increase and maintain muscle mass. Strength training, also known as weight training or resistance training helps develop muscular endurance.