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Liverpool vs Burnley.. Van Dyck never loses in the English Premier League at Anfield

Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk has maintained his unbeaten record at Anfield, the stronghold of the Reds, since his arrival to the team until now, after he and his companions beat Burnley with two goals without return.

Liverpool vs Burnley match


And the official account of the English Premier League published a tweet in Arabic, in which it stated: “Virgil van Dijk did not lose any match in the English Premier League at Anfield as a player in Liverpool, where he played 48 games at his stadium, achieving 43 victories, 5 draws, and 23 Clean Chet, during which he received 33 goals, 7 goals scored, and a winning rate of 89.6%.

And the Opta network specialized in numbers and statistics confirmed that Virgil van Dijk did not lose in 48 Premier League matches with Liverpool at Anfield, only Lee Sharp played more matches at home with one team in the tournament without losing (59 with Manchester United).

Liverpool vs Burnley match

The Liverpool team achieved a deserved victory over Burnley, 2-0, in the match that brought them together this afternoon, Saturday, in the second round of the English Premier League competitions at “Anfield”.

Liverpool vs Burnley match

Senegalese Sadio Mane scored a special number with Liverpool, after scoring the second goal against Burnley, as he broke up his partnership with Nigerian Yakulu Iagbeni, and ranked fourth in the list of the most African players to score goals in the English Premier League.

Liverpool vs Burnley match

With this result, the Liverpool team temporarily climbs to the top of the English Premier League, after reaching the sixth point, 3 points behind runner-up Manchester United, while Burnley receive their second defeat in the new season.