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Why do people with corona suffer from hair loss? .. Find out how to restore it after recovery

A research study conducted in Wuhan Hospital, China, revealed that hair loss is the most prominent complication resulting from the infection with the long Covid syndrome, which may last for a few months with the infected, and lead to serious respiratory and physical complications that threaten life.

According to a report published on the Express website, about 25% of Corona virus patients reported experiencing hair loss as a result of the virus, especially after the six months after contracting the disease.


The report showed that the infection with the Corona virus leads to the loss of hair follicles, and the researchers attributed this to the feeling of stress caused by the virus, and the psychological impact that affects the patient when catching the infection, especially if they suffer from the long Covid syndrome, so that it takes many months to recover, which is reflected on the The mental state of the patient.


The researchers attributed hair loss for Corona patients to the feeling of psychological pressure resulting from isolation and loss of work, or as a result of the general fear of the epidemic and the complications arising from it.


Experts pointed out that the increase in stress and anxiety in daily life directly affects hair growth, as a person loses on average about 100-150 hairs every day, and when this rate increases, it turns into a crisis and a satisfactory condition, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to treat it.


The researchers also explained hair loss with age in patients, as your age affects how well your hair grows again. The hair growth cycle passes through three main stages, namely growth, rest, and loss, which start from the age of forty.


The researchers stressed that the main key to treating hair loss caused by the Corona virus lies from the inside by changing your diet to include a lot of protein, iron, vitamin B, collagen and foods rich in omega-3, which contribute to promoting hair growth and restoring it again.