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A historic achievement for Egyptian tennis.. Mayar Sherif qualifies for the semi-finals of the German Championship

Mayar Sherif, the Egyptian tennis champion, succeeded in qualifying for the semi-finals of the WTA125 German Championships, after her landslide victory over Slovakia player Samrkova Rebka, with two clean sets, in a historic achievement for Egyptian tennis.


Mayar Sharif won the second place in the Spanish International Tennis Championships, after losing to the Dutch Arntha Ross, the first seed in the tournament, 0-2 in the final match.


The Egyptian tennis star, Mayar Sherif, expressed her great happiness and pride that she is the first Egyptian to enter the club of the 100 senior tennis players in the world, stressing that it is a step in a beautiful journey that has been achieved for her, hoping that it will continue to benefit Egyptian sports and her country, Egypt.


Mayar said through her account on “Facebook”: “I feel not normal, happy and proud to be Egyptian, Arab and African, happy that I am the daughter of Egypt, who has arrived to be the first Egyptian to enter the top 100 club in the world of tennis for the first time in history.”


Mayar added: "A step in a beautiful journey was achieved thanks to our Lord, and thanks to many needs and many people .. my family, my team, my sponsors, my fans, state institutions and the media, and many people I will thank them one by one, a great need for me to be a role model, a great responsibility but beautiful and a motive for forward, He motivates many needs to come, God willing.”


Mayar concluded: "I wish the best for my people, the Egyptian sport and my country, Egypt, and whoever is here is better, God willing."